1. Who are our customers?

Our customers are local and international VIPs, CIPs, captains of industry, celebrities, government officials and other high-profile individuals. What they all share in common is their frequent travel and appreciation of privacy, confidentiality and the comfort of professional services.

2. What is included in our rates?
Our rates are inclusive of ERP, parking fees in Singapore and a grace period for waiting. As our standard rates only apply to standard services, please contact our sales department to receive a tailor-made quotation for your special requirements. Please be advised that rates may vary during major events in Singapore.
3. What is waiting time?
Waiting time occurs when our driver has to wait beyond a grace period after the confirmed pick-up time. For all reservations except for arrival, the grace period is 20 minutes. For arrivals, the grace period is 90 minutes after the actual landing time of the flight. A surcharge applies for waiting times beyond the grace period. The maximum waiting time is sixty minutes from the confirmed pick-up time or 100 minutes from actual flight landing time. Our driver will cease waiting after the maximum waiting time lapses.

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